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Nothing Phone (1) India Pre-Order Pass Details Revealed Ahead of Its Launch


Nothing Phone (1) is set to launch in India on July 12, 2022. The device is also listed on Flipkart, confirming its availability via the e-commerce platform. So far, several leaks of Nothing Phone (1) have been leaked online. Now, the pre-order pass details of the handset have been unveiled via Flipkart. Spotted by tipster Mukul Sharma, the pre-order pass details have been shared on Twitter. Nothing Phone (1) Will Not Be Launched in the US or Canada: Report.

According to the listing, Nothing Phone (1) pre-order pass will be available with a refundable deposit of Rs 2,000. Customers who purchase the pass will be able to pre-book the handset via Flipkart. The Flipkart listing reads, ” This pass guarantees you’ll be able to pre-order Phone (1), but it’s not the actual order itself. Think of it as holding your place.

Once you purchase the pre-order pass, you will receive an invite code via mail from Flipkart for pre-ordering the device. The pass will let you access several pre-order offers and a special price on Nothing Phone (1) accessory. Also, you would be able to purchase the smartphone on the launch date by logging into Flipkart. The refundable deposit of Rs 2,000 would be adjusted with the final price of Nothing Phone (1).

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