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National Kissing Day 2022: From Spiderman Kiss to Strawberry Smooch, 8 Hottest Ways To Lock Lips With Your Partner


Every year National Kissing Day is celebrated on June 22 whereas International Kissing Day is observed on July 6. The idea of celebrating this day is the same, just on different days. Both the days are dedicated to the beautiful act of kissing. Touch plays an important role in relationships and it doesn’t even have to be something as complex as sex, a simple yet powerful kiss can often be enough! When you like someone or are in a relationship with them, you like everything about them, from walking hand in hand to a kiss or even a hug. When your partner kisses you, it really feels like no less than magic and all fatigue, stress and troubles just vanish. Through a kiss, a loving partner is can express their love. What better than National Kissing Day to discuss various innovative, fun & HOT ways of kissing?  Hot Kisses and Their Meanings: From Lizzy Kiss to Eskimo Kiss, Know Everything About Different Kisses With Your Partner.

1. French Kiss

When deep love fuses passionate intimacy the result is a French kiss. It doesn’t end with just kissing each other’s lips and sucking, the tongue is also used. Kissing while caressing each other’s tongue is what distinguishes the French Kiss from the others.

2. Single Lip Kiss

A single lip kiss signifies the depth of your romance as well. In this kiss, the partners suck one of the lips of their partner and then continue to smooch.

3. Kiss on Ear

This type of kiss brings some mischief and excitement to a relationship. This kiss hints that you are preparing to be closer to your partner. In this kiss, people gently caress the lower part of their partner’s ear with their lips and teeth.

4. Spiderman Kiss

While swinging on a tree, swing or just sitting on the stairs, when one partner lifts the other’s head and kisses their lips, then that is the Upside Down Kiss. It is called Spiderman Kiss because Spiderman kissed Mary Jane in the same way in the film. This kiss was both romantic & mischievous.

5. Lip-Lock

In this, both the lovers lock each other’s lips for a while and feel it for some time. This is usually done with closed eyes and the idea is to feel the kiss in the smoothest manner.

6. Suck & Kiss & Suck Again

Just as the name suggests, you don’t stop and suck each others’ mouths in the sexiest way possible. Mostly done when you are getting super passionate and rough.

7. Strawberry Kiss

This type of kiss is considered quite playful, yet simple. All you have to do is take a strawberry in your mouth and both you and your partners nibble on it while kissing.

8. Nosy Kiss

In this, partners rub their noses with each other’s noses. Once started, it can turn into a lip kiss or even a French kiss.

Hickeys or commonly called love bites may not exactly be kissing but are a great way to become passionate with your partner under the sheets. It’s the sucking action on any part of the body that leaves the mark but is super HOT!

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