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Jaadugar: Jitendra Kumar Took Training Lessons To Learn Real Magic Tricks


Actor Jitendra Kumar, who is playing the protagonist in the upcoming film Jaadugar, says he went through month-long training to learn magic tricks and also did an online magic show to pass the test as a magician. The film revolves around a young man named Meenu who is a football player as well as a magician. Jaadugar Trailer: Jitendra Kumar Plays a Magician in Love and a Part-Time Footballer in This Quirky Netflix Film (Watch Video).

The actor, who is playing the character of Meenu shared how during the lockdown he learned magic tricks under the guidance of experts to get his act right. Jitendra said, “I began training for the magic tricks back in November 2020 and it was quite a long and tedious journey which lasted for around a month and half. My trainer strongly advised me that until I did a show, I wouldn’t pass. This was back when the lockdown still prevailed, so we organised a virtual Zoom show.”Jaadugar Release Date Announcement: Jitendra Kumar, Arushi Sharma and Jaaved Jaaferi’s Film to Premiere on Netflix on July 15! (Watch Video).

“I had meticulously set up the lights and props to ensure people would get tricked and I’ll pass, well it worked! I successfully tricked them with a lot of music as well. Doing the show definitely gave me a confidence boost and helped me hone my skills better.

“Following this, I did two additional training sessions and later I did a show on a stage along with props, and also performed a street show with a close group. I realised when the audience is small – there are no lights and no music to aid you and you have to trick people, which is tougher as people can catch things,” he further added. Jaadugar is directed by Samir Saxena, produced by Posham Pa Pictures and Chalkboard Entertainment and also features Javed Jaaferi and Arushi Sharma, and it releases on July 15 on Netflix.

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