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Introducing Rishabh Mittal: Learning From One’s Mistakes Is the Real Ball Game


Entrepreneurship is an unavoidable life calling pursued by those who are ready to take chances. They are optimistic and believe in themselves, aware enough to see the surrounding problems, stubborn enough to keep going, and bold enough to act again and again. Entrepreneurship is not something you do because you have an idea. It’s about having the creativity to question, the strength to believe and the courage to move forward, believes the 26-year-old businessman, Rishab Mittal from the small town of Bhopal in MP, India. Mr. Mittal has expanded his businesses into different sectors like mining, electronics, construction, food industries.

Rishab, who is 26 years of age, is a citizen of Bhopal, India.Rishab has made a prominent mark for himself in the field of sports as well. He has won many laurels in state badminton, chess and national squash tournaments. Successful entrepreneurs look past the ‘quick buck’ and instead look at the bigger picture to ensure that each action made is going towards the overall welfare of the society and ensures public good. With this hunger to do something for the society, Mr. Mittal stood up and helped the people in need by being in the forefront during the whole COVID-19 pandemic so far. He opened a hospital with 1000 beds for the medical urgency in the country. He contributed towards distribution of masks, fed numerous roadside animals, donated oxygen cylinders and oximeters. Furthermore, he owns the Shri Parmeshwarlal Mittal charitable trust and the Khwahishey group of Katni.He is of the belief that no job is “just a job”; where you work and what you do is a significant part of your life at any given point in time. “Fundamentally, the foundation of any successful business is Honesty & Respect. One must be responsible for their words and must keep their promises.

Besides being a prosperous business tycoon, Mr. Mittal takes a great deal of interest in farming, he believes in the concept of living a simplified life. He also takes interest in other activities like cooking, singing, dancing and writing blogs. Rishab says that success depends on how one foresees things. One is bound to make mistakes but learning from them is the real ball game.

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