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Friendship Day 2022: 5 warning signs to know if you are in a toxic friendship, read details inside


We share the most precious bonds with our friends. It is said that friends are the family we choose, and it is true for many reasons. Our friends play many roles in our lives, including that of a confidant, partners, siblings, family members, and more. However, no matter how special this bond is, friendships can be trickier than we imagine. Though we have an abundance of love and appreciation for our friends in our hearts, sometimes these powerful feelings can make us turn a blind eye to the negative ways they may affect our lives. It can cause worse repercussions for our minds. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the common warning signs that someone is toxic and harmful to our mental health. When we see such indications within our friendships, we should be ready to re-evaluate our relationship with that person. So, to help you find some common warning signs to know if you are in a toxic friendship, we got in touch with a Delhi-based psychologist, Dr Parul Adlakha. Read on to know the five warning signs you should know.

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They Don’t Respect Your Boundaries

Dr Parul explained, “Some people may consider it a sign of closeness to ignore your boundaries. Maybe your friend pressures you to go out when you’re trying to relax and rest, or they borrow your things without asking or make your uncomfortable. It may seem that they consider these behaviours as signs of closeness to access your time and things, but at the end of the day, you feel disrespected and uncared for.”

They Show No Accountability For Misbehaviour

According to Dr Parul, “In a toxic relationship, a friend who doesn’t take accountability for their misbehaviour towards you will usually apologize in a way that doesn’t acknowledge that their behaviour was hurting you.” And it should be considered a red flag.

It’s crucial to know the common warning signs that someone is toxic and harmful to our mental health. (Pexels)

They Make You Feel Guilty For Spending Time with Others

Dr Parul said, “When a person gets jealous and possessive of you spending time with others rather than that person and dismisses any efforts you put in the relationship, it may be a sign of a toxic friendship. When they constantly make you feel guilty for “not being a better friend”, even when you are not doing anything wrong, it may be time to re-evaluate your friendship.”

They Try To Change You

“If you’re in a toxic relationship with your friend, they might ask you to be someone you are not or do things you’re uncomfortable with. They may ask you to talk, dress, or behave differently and put you in a discomforting situation,” Dr Parul described.

They Don’t Value You In The Relationship

According to Dr Parul, “toxic friends rarely compliment or praise you and rarely make you feel good about yourself. In such relationships, you seldom feel happy or relaxed and end up feeling drained out of your energy.”

These are some signs you should keep in mind while evaluating your relationship with your friends. So, this Friendship Day, don’t forget to prioritise yourself over toxic friends.

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