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First date rules millennials love to follow to impress their partner


First dates can be a scary affair, we won’t deny that as the pressure of having the perfect first date can be a real bummer but this will only last up until you’ve met your partner and once you get talking, everything will seem to be falling into place. There is a lot to learn from millennials since for woke millennials, the causes they support, their worldly outlook and awareness that their dates have and how driven they are, matters most.

It is more about focusing on careers than settling down because for most they know relationships mean a lot of work. Need some help with how to impress your match on the very first date? We are here to offer you a hand.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Ravi Mittal, Founder of Quack Quack, revealed some dating tips that the millennials swear by:

#1 Dress to impress – For the first date, you should put some effort into putting together the outfit for the day. It shows that you want this to work out. There’s of course, no need to go overboard but the basics are a must. A simple yet classy outfit and a spritz of your favourite cologne, voila! You are good to go.

#2 On time – You can’t be late for the first date. Contrary to popular belief, it is not fashionable. Calculate the distance, time, traffic and every possible obstacle. Be early even, that’s fine but don’t be late.

#3 Be present – We have reached the venue, met the person, and everything seems to be going smoothly. But then you start getting phone calls or texts. What do you do? Just turn that thing off! Nothing beats your date being absolutely enamoured by you and engrossed in the conversation. If you crave that, it’s a safe bet that your date wants the same from you.

#4 Take the humour highway – Who doesn’t loves a humorous person? They’ll lighten up your mood in seconds. Humour is also the best way to break the ice effortlessly. It’s the oldest trick in the trade. Find common ground, a TV series or a movie or the global situation and take a humorous dig at it. It will work to show how woke and funny you are at one go but don’t go overboard and be offensive.

#5 Be you – It is cliched but effective. If you want true love, you should start by being your true self. First dates are not just for impressing; it is to weigh compatibility. Nothing yields more success on a date than being you.

Adding to the list of tips, Priyanka Sehgal, Founder of Sparkles, suggested:

1. No rules to date is the first rule to date – Amongst many redundant notions, most folks grow up thinking women should wait to be asked out. But truth be told, there are no rules and dating is a form of self-expression. Confidence is a badge millennial proudly wears.

2. Focus on finding common likes more than dislikes – Focusing on the person’s best qualities and not imposing their ideology, perspectives but being open to diverse thoughts and ideas drives millennials to connect and impress each other.

3. Rejection is not personal – The best part- Millennials do not believe in ghosting rather being honest on their first. Millennials try to not take that personally and understand that swiping, dating online is a way to find the right match and being ghosted, rejected is a part of the process. They understand this process and are able to internalize this better and this shows in their conversation, demeanour when they meet their dates.

4. Millennials know what they are looking for and are quick to assess their dates – To them trust, loyalty, romance, humour, discipline, mission and purpose, character, integrity matter the most. Those are non-negotiables and Millennials do not waste time dragging a date if they do not find it.

5. Chill – Millennials like to appear ‘chilled people’ when they meet their dates. This never fails to impress a date and a potential long-term partner.

6. KISS – Keep it Simple, Silly! – Millennials like to keep it simple more so when they run out of date ideas. It isn’t always possible to be doing something. Many ideal dates are just a walk in the park or even walking dogs together.

7. Be yourself – Since millennials want the right person in their life, they believe in showing the most authentic version of themselves.

8. Be honest – Being honest is the biggest service to yourself. Millennials believe in being honest on their dates as that ensures everyone is on the same page about what matters to them and what they ae looking for. They realize that covering the truth will prolong the pain of being in an unhappy relationship.

The emotional rollercoaster that is your first date doesn’t have to be so daunting. Just follow these simple tips and your heart and you are good to go!

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