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Ferrari may close orders for Purosangue on strong demand


Ferrari expected that the Purosangue would attract huge demand, and decided to cap its production to avoid being driven by a single model. Crossovers have become best-sellers at rivals such as Aston Martin, Bentley and Lamborghini.

“We are committed to our clients and, despite the demand, we will keep control of the volume, something that is consistent with our DNA, with our founder mission, which is to remain extremely exclusive. And the only way to remain exclusive is to control demand and the offer,” Galliera said.

He declined to say how many Purosangue orders are coming from clients new to Ferrari, but confirmed that existing customers will receive their cars first.

The Purosangue is attracting a high number of pre-orders from buyers new to Ferrari, Galliera said, because “it is less intimidating, you can drive with the family, with the kids, with the friends, so it is opening a great opportunity for Ferrari.”

But they will have to wait longer for their Purosangue.

“Every (Ferrari owner) wants to have a Purosangue, and we need to reward them, as they are the ones that made Ferrari what it is today,” Galliera said.

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