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Extraordinary Attorney Woo: 5 Kdrama Couples Who Can Benefit From Kang Tae-oh’s Tips On ‘How To Kiss’


Extraordinary Attorney Woo is making quite an impression with the representation of an autistic female lead who is also a lawyer. The cases she handles and the way she handles them are gaining much praise. What’s also gaining momentum is the romance between Woo played by Park Eun-bin and Lee Junho played by Kang Tae-oh. They have confessed their fondness for each other in the show and the makers have already given us two sweet kisses. Extraordinary Attorney Woo: 5 Characters The KDrama Series Got Right!.

However, we never thought one of them can be educational too. Kissing in Korean dramas has come a long way from stone kisses to passionate and heart-fluttering ones. There are several old Korean dramas kisses which will make you cringe at the sight of them. Something that’s supposed to race your heart would gross you out. Hence, we thought Junho’s tips for Woo on how to kiss could come in handy for these terrible Kdrama kissers.

First, let’s find out what the kiss tip is:

Now let’s find out which Kdrama couples need it the most:

1. Kim Tan-Cha Eun-Sung (Heirs)

This kiss scene between Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho) and Cha Eun-sung (Park Shin-ye) is extremely strange. Yes, there are weirder kissing scenes between the two in this series but we will let those pass because Eun-sung was caught off guard in most of them. Here she willingly partakes in the activity but both make it look so bland. Open your mouth a little, like Junho suggests!

2. Goo Junpyo- Geum Jan Di (Boys Over Flowers)

The series itself is a cringe-fest (unpopular opinion, we know) and this scene just makes it even more terrible to watch. This is a goodbye kiss and yet the emotions are lost here. Told you, everyone needs a Junho in their lives for kiss coaching! Lee Min-ho, Ji Chang-wook, Nam Joo-hyuk – 5 Kdrama Men Who Broke Away From The Typical Romantic Hero Mould in The First Half Of 2022.

3. Ji Soo-yeon and Jeong Yoo-geon (Iris 2)

This scene is really painful to watch. Rather than passionate this looks as if Yoo-geon, played by Jang Hyuk, is trying to swallow Ji Soo-yeon played by Lee Da-hee. When Junho talks about opening the mouth a bit, it doesn’t mean one needs to gulp down the opponent. It’s human not food.

4. Lee Shin- Le Gyu-Won (Heartstrings)

We wonder if it’s Park Shin-ye (as Lee Gyu Won) or just the way these kiss scenes are handled in earlier dramas which made them look so dull. Picture this: the scene here is of reunion, of them being together from now on and yet both look weird doing this.

5. Dokgo Ma-tae-Kim Bo-tong (Bel Ami)

This is a really cute scene where an otherwise timid and shy Kim Bo-tong played by IU, plays a prank on the smart and suave Dokgo Ma-tae played by Jang Keun Suk. But the kiss ruins it all because IU just suddenly closes her eyes, that’s her only contribution to the kiss.

We don’t if we can go back in time and correct these kissing mistakes, but we are just glad Korean dramas no longer believes in statue kisses.

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