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Aldi scraps online Special Buys program

Aldi has scrapped its online Special Buys program after only a year.

The trial program was launched in 2021 and allowed customers to snap up the franchise’s Special Buys products online.

The program included products like televisions, clothing and furniture.

Aldi has canned its online Special Buys program. (Supplied)

An Aldi spokesperson said it wasn’t “the right time to expand this trial”.

“Supply chain pressures and inflation means that our top focus to deliver the best priced groceries to Australians,” a spokesperson said.

“We believe that this focus, while it might come at the cost of other projects, delivers the best value to our customers.

‘We have been clear that delivering quality groceries at the best prices is our ongoing goal, especially when we are seeing Australians feel the pressure of inflation.

“While we don’t want to see customers disappointed we believe this is the best decision to continue maintaining our price gap of over 15 per cent compared to our competitors.”

The program is still available in stores. (Supplied)

The brand said it hasn’t ruled out bringing back the online Special Buys program.

The program remains available in store on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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