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18 year old flung into air by speeding car in Bengaluru; CCTV shows horror | Bengaluru


ByYamini C S | Edited by Chandrashekar Srinivasan

CCTV visuals of a horrific accident on Bengaluru’s Ballari Road – an 18-year-old woman was thrown into the air after being hit by a speeding car – have been widely shared on social media. The woman and another person were trying to cross the road when the incident took place; the other person stopped on seeing the speeding car but the woman continued on.

The woman has been identified as Ashwini and she was severely injured.

She is being treated at the city’s Baptist Hospital.

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The Karnataka State Road Safety Authority tweeted the video and wrote, “Lower speed limit when you see pedestrians crossing the road and allow them to. One wrong decision can be fatal to another.”

Twitter user TrafficMukkanna replied, “Sir, please don’t promote jaywalking, pedestrians should be using zebra crossing, skywalk, pedestrian island & designated places. Abrupt stopping on a 3 lane highway results in more danger to motorists potentially killing many with cascading effect.”

The incident occurred near the Central Bureau Investigation (CBI) office in the Ganganagar area of the city, Republic World reported. A case has been registered against the driver of the car at the RT Nagar police station.

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The Ballari road has been prone to accidents in the past. A 14-year-old student was killed by a speeding garbage truck on the same road in March, sparking outrage. The road has no skywalk and the underpass near it could not be used as it was blocked with rain water. 28 accidents were reported on the road in 2021, of which 17 people died, the report added.

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